• Bioluminescence Assisting Non Invasive Dentistry

    For many years, scientists have attempted to put bioluminescence, the natural production and emission of light, to use in modern technology. Here are a few of the most promising concepts to date.

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  • Demineralisation - New Science

    Dental enamel, composed almost entirely of the mineral hydroxyapatite, is the hardest substances in the human body. As such, it is an effective barrier that protects the more sensitive layers of the tooth.

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  • Early Caries Detection

    As dental professionals, we are aware of how prevalent dental caries is in this country. With an estimated 31 per cent of the population exhibiting some level of this disease,[i] it is imperative that we attempt to eliminate this essentially preventable problem.

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  • Illuminating Active Caries

    CALCIVIS, a new UK company, has been working on an exciting new technology that will help practitioners precisely identify active carious lesions, allowing them to offer bespoke, evidence-based preventive treatment for dental caries patients. This innovative technology is the next step in true preventive dentistry and uses an advanced biotech based imaging agent to accurately identify active demineralisation on the surface of a patient’s tooth.

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  • Dental Caries The First Line Of Defence

    Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent health problems in the UK – with figures suggesting that approximately 31 per cent of adults have it to some extent.

    This disease can have a number of negative ramifications for patients who allow tooth decay to progress, including infection, tooth loss and the formation of abscesses. It can also lead to inflammation of the tissues around an individual’s teeth, or periodontal disease. This last factor is particularly concerning, since periodontitis has been linked to a number of serious health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and, according to some sources, even cancer.

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