CALCiViS Imaging Device

CALCiViS Imaging Device

The CALCiViS imaging device is a specialised device designed exclusively to image the tooth surface after delivering a precise application of CALCiViS photoprotein.

Initiated via a “one touch” computer controlled process, a specialised sensor integrated into the device immediately detects the resulting luminescence (light flash).

In less than 1 second, bespoke software presents a chair side demineralisation “hot-spot” image map to clinicians, enabling informed and efficient dialogue with patients.

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Industry Opinions on CALCiViS

  • Our purpose as a dental team is to provide our patients with a full range of high quality dental care in a relaxed, hygienic environment to help them achieve excellent oral health and create happy, beautiful smiles.

    With this is mind we have recently invested in the CALCIVIS imaging system – an exciting technological and scientific breakthrough in the provision of preventive dental care

    Dr Leanne Branton
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