CALCiViS presents new clinical evidence to International Research Association

CALCiViS presents new clinical evidence to International Research Association

July 5th to 8th 2017 – CALCiViS presents five new clinical publications at the 64th International Organisation for Caries Research (ORCA) meeting in Oslo, Norway.   The publications focus entirely on the revolutionary CALCiViS photoprotein and its unique ability to help determine early enamel demineralisation – at a stage when it can be clinically reversed by a change in oral care and/or simple topical applications.

The five CALCiViS presentation are:

1. Evaluation of the CALCiViS imaging system’s Ability to Assess Erosive Challenge to Enamel Over Time. Gallie*,A B. Vernonb, S. Alisonb (35)

2. Caries-Activity Assessment: Agreement Among Examiners from Clinical Assessments Ex-Vivo and Assessments from Bio-Luminescent Marker Images. Martignona,b, A. Cortés*,a, N. B. Pittsb, K.R. EkstrandcF. Cabreraa, V. Avilaa, G.A. Castiblancoa, L.F. Gamboaa (100) 

3. Reproducibility of CALCiViS (activity) imaging system Measurements in Primary and Permanent Teeth. Jablonski-Momeni*, J. Moos (112)

4. Evaluation of the CALCiViS imaging system for Persistence of Images on Tooth Enamel Surfaces . Vernon* B, A. Kennedy, S. Alison (113)

5. Evaluation of Chemiluminescence for Detection of Enamel Caries Lesion Activity.   K.W. Neuhaus*,a, B. Vernonb, A. Kennedyb, S. Alisonb, A. Lussia (22)

The full congress abstract book can be downloaded here: Clinical abstract book

A PDF of this booklet is available from CALCiViSClick here to contact CALCiViS


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