About CALCiViS

Calcivis has developed a completely novel imaging technology that enables clinicians to visualise active decay early, when it can be stopped and potentially reversed, so that patients can be treated before a cavity develops that requires drilling and filling.

For the first time the Calcivis Imaging System enables dentists and their patients to visualise calcium ions as they are released from a demineralizing tooth surface.

The System represents the first use of the power of biotechnology in dentistry. It uses a recombinant bioluminescent photoprotein which reacts with free calcium ions to produce light.

The System therefore helps clinicians to differentiate between actively progressing lesions that are demineralizing and inactive lesions/sound enamel which are not.

The Calcivis Imaging System looks and feels much like a standard intraoral camera.

And yet it can provide a real time, chairside image of caries activity on a tooth surface in under 1 second.

  • Early detection and assessment of caries activity enables evidence-based treatment in line with dental best practice
  • Aids the assessment of the outcomes of preventive care by providing images of activity status
  • Produces powerful visual images to motivate and engage patients – supports effective communication and helps patients to value prevention.


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