Visualise Demineralisation In Action

Now your patients have a front row seat in their dental care with this visual indication of active demineralisation.

The CALCIVIS® Imaging System enables you to visually demonstrate to your patients the signs of active demineralisation, effectively motivating and supporting them towards adopting more effective oral hygiene regimes.

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Seeing is Believing

Using a special photoprotein – which creates a bioluminescent glow when interacting with free calcium ions similar to that created by jellyfish and other sea creatures – the CALCIVIS® Imaging System enables a preventive approach to caries management through the live visualisation of sites where demineralisation is actively occurring.

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A Revolutionary Step In Preventive Care

Grow your practice with a strong prevention programme that your patients will value. Help patients to see for themselves the benefits of an effective preventive care approach.

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The Technology

The Photoprotein

The CALCIVIS® photoprotein is a first for dentistry: a dental biologic that produces bioluminescence exclusively as a reaction to the presence of free calcium ions released from actively demineralising tooth surface.

The Calcivis® Imaging Device

The CALCIVIS® Imaging device is a specialised imaging device designed exclusively to image the tooth surface and capture the bioluminescent glow from free calcium ions following application of the CALCIVIS® photoprotein.

The Calcivis® Software

The CALCIVIS® imaging software has been created to present a clear and vivid image of the tooth surface illustrating the bioluminescent glow on the tooth surface captured by the CALCIVIS® system.

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