What is CALCiViS® – the core benefits

What is CALCiViS® – the core benefits

What is CALCiViS?

The CALCIVIS® imaging system was developed by a team of scientists, researchers, cariologists and technical specialists from Scotland. Designed to revolutionise the management of dental caries, this chair-side visualisation device uses a bioluminescent photoprotein to detect microscopic free calcium ions as they are released from actively demineralising tooth enamel.

The CALCIVIS® imaging system is a first for dentistry and a breakthrough for disease management as it provides definitive, visual evidence of damaging demineralisation at an earlier stage than has previously been possible. It is ground-breaking for clinicians, patients and the dental practice and here we discuss the core benefits of this unique dental technology.


Confident clinical decisions

Dental practitioners are required to make important clinical decisions every day. These are based on current evidence in conjunction with the patient’s history, oral hygiene habits, diet and lifestyle to assess any modifying factors that could affect the development of oral disease. As with any condition, proper management starts with a correct diagnosis as failure to detect disease can have serious consequences as it progressively worsens. We are living in an increasingly litigious society and one of the key areas in which claims arise is in the diagnoses of caries.[1] A recent survey revealed that the majority of dentists are concerned about being sued by patients. Correspondingly, fear of litigation is one of the most common factors contributing to stress at work.[2]


The CALCIVIS® imaging system eliminates uncertainty by providing reliable evidence-based images that help to improve early caries detection and management. Previously, without enough evidence to confirm that a tooth is sound, a practitioner may decide to put a tooth on ‘watch’ to see if it remains stable or deteriorates. Now, the CALCIVIS® technology enables dental professionals to assess the tooth enamel for activity with increased accuracy. Hesitation and indecision about whether to drill or not to drill is also reduced because the CALCIVIS® system clearly distinguishes lesions that are inactive and those that are likely to progress. This enables practitioners to make more confident clinical decisions and ultimately, practice with less worry and stress.


Delivering better preventive dentistry

As we know, modern dentistry is about helping patients to look after their teeth and gums properly so that they can avoid disease and maintain good oral and general health. It is in no way similar to the dreaded “drill and fill” model of the past. It has shifted significantly to the minimally invasive, preventive paradigm. Indeed, recording cavitated lesions and focusing on operative treatment is extremely out-dated.[3] Dental professionals now focus on detecting problems in the early stages so that preventive measures can be implemented to save patients from the pain and destruction of dental decay.


The CALCIVIS® imaging system enables dental professionals to deliver first-class preventive dentistry. It helps them to detect disease at a time when non-surgical treatment can be implemented to reduce advancement and where possible, to arrest the disease process. As well as this, the CALCIVIS® images are delivered immediately at the chair side, clearly highlighting problem areas or ‘hot spots’ on the surfaces of the teeth. This helps patients to understand the purpose of strategies and recommendations designed to prevent disease progression and what they need to do to avoid more invasive procedures.


Helping patients and changing attitudes

Although some people are afraid of visiting the dental practice, what actually drives dental professionals is using their expertise to help patients to maintain good oral health. The CALCIVIS® technology has the potential to change patients’ attitudes towards dentistry and empower them to take positive action for the benefit of their oral health.


The CALCIVIS® imaging system provides an exceptional communication and educational tool. Dental professionals can discuss the patient’s oral health status with the support of personal information and engaging images which will increase their interest and understanding. This helps them to comprehend the caries disease process, their individual risk and the reason for planned treatment. The new technology also encourages patients to take responsibility for their oral health and to adopt habits, diet and oral hygiene behaviour to help prevent further problems.


This innovative dental device is a testament to the team’s commitment to minimally invasive dentistry, which can help to reduce anxiety and build a trusting patient/clinician relationship. Certainly, by addressing active demineralisation at the early stages, there is the potential to save patients from the expense and distress of more complex treatment in the future. It is also rewarding for dental professionals and helps them to maintain a passion for what they do. It crushes negative ideas about dentistry and fully supports the preventive approach. What could be better than that?


Benefits for the business

The CALCIVIS® imaging system can put a dental practice on the map for progressive, patient-centred care. As we have discussed, it allows the team to connect with patients, earn their trust and create relationships that last. It also adds value to dental appointments and helps the practice to deliver the superior customer service that patients expect. As for attracting new patients, CALCIVIS® offers a point of difference and a very good reason for choosing the practice over a competitor, particularly in our technology driven society.


In an age of rapid innovation and clinical advancement, dental practices are challenged to keep up with the pace of technology in order to remain productive, efficient and competitive. The CALCIVIS® imaging system helps dental professionals to deliver enhanced diagnostics, better disease management and education to improve oral health outcomes and enrich the patient experience. Furthermore, this innovative device has the potential to generate additional revenue to facilitate further investment and development within the practice. For example, if the CALCIVIS® screening procedure is offered as an add-on for a nominal fee or perhaps as part of an ‘enhanced oral hygiene package’ it can quickly pay for itself and generate further income.


The bottom line

Fundamentally, the CALCIVIS® imaging system allows dental professionals to see the previously invisible. It provides valuable insight to help expedite early disease detection, monitoring and management for the delivery of advanced preventative dental care. There is the chance to offer inspirational oral health education, build rapport and really help patients to enjoy better oral health. Plus, for relatively small investment, CALCIVIS® offers significant benefits to patients, the dental team and even the practice’s bottom line.



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All claims relate to and are approved for the UK dental market.


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