Technology for practice development and growth

Technology for practice development and growth

Technology makes many tasks easier, less time consuming, more cost effective and significantly more efficient. It can make dental procedures simpler and more predictable and, potentially, it can help the practice to develop by widening the practice treatment portfolio and enhancing the patient experience.

For dental practices to remain productive and competitive, they need to progress with technology. It is no longer adequate to update equipment every ten years or so, especially as scientific and technological developments are evolving constantly. Patients now expect to see state-of-the-art technology that offers superior diagnostics, modern techniques and comfortable dental procedures. But technology can also help the dental practice to create a point of difference. It can give patients a reason to choose the practice rather than a competitor, plus, subsequent word of mouth recommendations and online reviews are likely to direct even more new patients through the doors.

By incorporating technology such as the CALCIVIS® imaging system, dental practices can create a unique perspective on dentistry. It can enable dental professionals to practice better preventive dentistry, increase patient awareness and change attitudes.

The CALCIVIS® technology uses a bioluminescent (light emitting) protein to detect free calcium ions as they are released from actively demineralising tooth surfaces. This supports the decision-making process and helps dental professionals to identify active caries lesions at the very early stages. In doing so, they can implement non-invasive therapy to reverse the caries process in favour of remineralisation and prevent further tooth destruction. This bio-tech dental device demonstrates the team’s commitment to preventive, minimally invasive dentistry and the evidence-based CALCIVIS® images also empower patients to improve oral hygiene and avoid more complex, often costly treatments in the future. Furthermore, it has the potential to generate additional revenue to facilitate further investment and development of the practice as a business.

Patients are more health-focused than previous generations and understand the concept of preventive dentistry. Consequently, practices can add value and interest to dental appointments with patient centred preventive care and better disease management. This has the potential to net, gain and retain a large number of patients, while improving the reputation of the practice and growing its bottom line

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