Healthy teeth and happy smiles all round

Healthy teeth and happy smiles all round

Dental professionals work hard to prevent dental disease and preserve oral health. Dentistry is no longer about ‘drilling and filling’ or patching up the teeth after the damage has been done. Modern, preventive dentistry is about delivering high quality care to protect the teeth from problems and helping patients to keep their teeth in tip top condition.

The best way to prevent any type of disease is to take precautions and build defences to protect the body. It is the same for oral diseases such as tooth decay and dental erosion. Everyone knows that prevention is better than cure. Certainly, an effective oral hygiene routine, a healthy diet and sensible lifestyle choices increase the chances of avoiding dental problems. Defending the teeth also means catching any signs of trouble in the early stages, when there is still time to slow down or stop disease progression. This is where the CALCIVIS® imaging system is lighting the way – literally.

As we know, the teeth are subjected to a tremendous amount of wear and tear. Plus, they are bombarded by ‘acid attacks’ from food and drink, which cause the tooth enamel to soften and lose minerals. This is called demineralisation. The normal healthy flow of saliva helps to return the minerals to the surfaces of the teeth in a natural process called remineralisation. And in addition, a good oral hygiene routine cleans away damaging plaque and applies fluoride to strengthen the enamel. However, if the mouth is dry or remains unclean, the acids produced by plaque bacteria remain on the teeth and diffuse into the tooth enamel. Here they continue to dissolve minerals and eventually form pits or holes.

The CALCIVIS® imaging system helps dental professionals and patients to see areas of active demineralisation at the early stages. These are the very first signs of tooth decay or dental erosion, which are not normally visible to the naked eye. It works by using a bioluminescent photoprotein, similar to those used by some sea creatures. The CALCIVIS® photoprotein produces a light in the presence of calcium ions. In a simple screening process, the CALCIVIS® technology captures light signals from actively demineralising tooth surfaces and generates glowing images at the chair side. Armed with these evidence-based images of the early disease process, clinicians can confidently implement non-invasive therapy to inhibit progression. Patients also ‘see the light’ which helps them to better understand their oral health and the steps they need to take to keep their teeth healthy and disease free.

Screening with the CALCIVIS® imaging system can be performed with patients as young as six. It is completely pain free. CALCIVIS® adds considerable value to dental appointments as well as the preventive approach to modern dentistry.

For healthy smiles all round, ask your dental practitioner about the CALCIVIS® imaging system now.

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