Insight Beyond Eyesight

Bruce Vernon, Chief Technical Officer of CALCIVIS Ltd and Amanda Gallie RDT RDH FAETC will demonstrate the revolutionary new CALCIVIS imaging system at the Dentistry Show in Birmingham on Saturday 19 May 2018. The new CALCIVIS imaging system uses bioluminescence to help the clinician locate areas in the early stages of active demineralisation. The demonstration will include the science behind bioluminescence, live clinical examples and how CALCIVIS can drive practice growth.

WHERE: Dentistry Show in Birmingham at the Hygienist & Therapist Symposium.
WHEN: Saturday 19 May 2018
WHO: Bruce Vernon, CTO & Amanda Gallie RDT RDH FAETC

The session will explore the role of bioluminescence imaging in preventive dentistry. Attendees will experience visualising active demineralisation in early stage caries to enable preventive dentistry and minimal intervention planning. Learning Outcomes and Objectives:

  • Insights into the science of bioluminescence and sub-clinical demineralisation.
  • How the Calcivis imaging system works and the science behind it.
  • The applications of the imaging system and which teeth to scan.
  • How to treat/prevent/plan in early caries cases-clinical examples.
  • Recall setting in high-risk patients and how imaging can benefit your practice.

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