CALCiViS wins place on London Stock Exchange’s ELITE Programme

CALCiViS wins place on London Stock Exchange’s ELITE Programme

Edinburgh, 26th April 2016 – CALCiViS , a medical devices company focused on revolutionising the management of tooth decay and enabling preventive dentistry, today announces that it has been accepted into the next cohort of the London Stock Exchange (LSE)’s ELITE programme that supports ambitious companies towards growth and investment.

ELITE is a unique programme designed to support the UK’s most exciting and ambitious private companies prepare and structure for their next stage of growth. The programme facilitates structured engagement between CALCiViS , entrepreneurs and business leaders, as well as the corporate advisory and investor community, through a package of education, business support and access to investors.

Adam Christie, CEO of CALCiViS , said: “We are pleased that CALCiViS has been accepted for the LSE’s ELITE programme. This is a significant achievement and reflects the LSE’s appreciation of the potential of our unique technology that will, for the first time, allows dentists to visualise active demineralisation, a key step to them practising the preventive management of tooth decay. We are excited about this programme which will provide us with support as we embark on the next phase of our growth including launch of the CALCiViS imaging system in the UK market next year, together with a premarket authorisation filing to FDA in advance of marketing in the US.”


Xavier Rolet, CEO, London Stock Exchange Group: “As the European Commission’s pioneering Capital Markets Union work confirms, to truly unleash the potential of high growth firms, they need access to finance and financial knowledge, which LSEG is committed to delivering through ELITE.

“It is almost two years to the day since ELITE was launched in the UK, giving the brightest and fastest growing British businesses the opportunity to expand, innovate and create new jobs. I’m delighted to have charted the successes of the first group of UK companies, who this month also become the first to graduate from ELITE and warmly welcome today’s new companies at the start of their ELITE journeys.”

 The CALCiViS imaging system is an in-clinic device which combines a specialised intraoral camera and application technology to deliver a precise amount of disclosing solution, containing a photoprotein, onto the tooth surface. The photoprotein binds calcium ions and emits a blue light signal proportional to the amount of calcium present. This exquisitely sensitive bioluminescent system produces a ‘demineralisation’ map of the tooth enabling caries lesion activity assessment at a single patient visit and providing insight into other conditions including acid erosion. This map allows the development of a rational and personalised, evidence-based treatment plan in line with dental best practice.


ELITE offers businesses a full programme to help them grow, including education, business support and direct contact with Europe’s financial and advisory community. In the UK, Imperial College Business School helps deliver the programme. Management teams are guided on how best to fast-track their development and capital raising processes, how to access the most suitable funding for their needs, whether private equity, venture capital or the bond or equity markets, and given advice on building their profile and reach.

ELITE also allows its vibrant international advisor and investor community the opportunity to engage with a pool of high quality, dynamic companies and entrepreneurs, all of whom are open to the advice, opportunities and connections that the programme offers.

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