CALCiViS Represented at the International Association for Dental Research

CALCiViS Represented at the International Association for Dental Research

CALCiViS , a medical devices company focused on revolutionising the management of tooth decay, today announces its CALCiViS imaging system will be presented at two international dental conferences in the coming weeks.

CALCiViS Chief Technical Officer, Bruce Vernon, is giving a presentation on the development of the system at the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) conference in Cape Town, South Africa, on the 25th June. The talk will focus on optimising the sensitivity of the system which comprises a sophisticated medical device and consumable combination designed to transform the assessment of dental caries (tooth decay).

Dr Chris Longbottom, from the Dental Innovation and Translation Centre at King’s College London, who has collaborated on the development of the CALCiViS approach, is presenting a poster at the European Organisation for Caries Research Congress (ORCA) in Germany from 2nd – 5th July. The poster evaluates the effect of toothpastes on demineralisation images produced by the CALCiViS imaging system.

The CALCiViS imaging system is an in-clinic device which combines a sensitive intraoral camera and application technology to deliver a precise amount of CALCiViS photoprotein, onto the tooth surface.

The photoprotein binds calcium ions and emits a blue light signal proportional to the amount of calcium present. This exquisitely sensitive chemiluminescent system produces a demineralisation map of the tooth. The resulting images provide a focus for discussion with patients about their caries management programme and the development of a tailored, rational, evidence-based treatment in line with dental best practice.

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