CALCiViS Receives New Equity and Funding Award

CALCiViS Receives New Equity and Funding Award

CALCiViS , a medical devices company focused on revolutionising the management of tooth decay, today announces that it has received a prestigious Biomedical Catalyst award co-funding a £0.5m development programme and raised a further £0.8m in equity funding from existing investors Archangel Informal Investment and the Scottish Investment Bank, the investment arm of Scottish Enterprise.

The Biomedical Catalyst award will be directed to the further development of the CALCiViS imaging system, a sophisticated medical device and consumable combination designed to transform the assessment and management of enamel demineralisation. It involves a unique, proprietary bioluminescence approach combined with a specialised imaging device which allows accurate detection and visualisation of demineralisation by imaging free calcium ions at the tooth surface; a caries lesion which is actively demineralising is more likely to progress and lead to cavitation. CALCiViS imaging system was recently granted a CE Mark.

Adam Christie, CEO of CALCiViS , said: “We are very pleased to announce this award from the Biomedical Catalyst and further investment from Archangels. Together the new funds will allow us to accelerate the development of the CALCiViS imaging system and our progress towards full commercialisation.

“We believe our system has a role to play in tailored, rational evidence-based management of tooth decay, one of the most common diseases in the world and one which can have a significant impact on patients’ lives.”

Andy Laing of Archangel Informal Investment, said: “CALCiViS  has advanced its technology very rapidly to the point where it now has a CE Mark in readiness for marketing in Europe. Our new investment, and the Biomedical Catalyst award, will support further clinical development work and further advances to the technology as the Company prepares to commercialise the system.”

The CALCiViS  Caries Activity Imaging System is an in-clinic device which combines a sensitive intraoral camera and application technology to deliver a precise amount of disclosing solution, containing a photoprotein, onto the tooth surface.

CALCiViS photoprotein binds calcium ions and emits a blue light signal proportional to the amount of calcium present. This exquisitely sensitive chemiluminescent system produces a demineralisation map of the tooth. The resulting images provide a focus for discussion with patients about their caries management programme and the development of a tailored, rational, evidence-based treatment in line with dental best practice.

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