CALCiViS presents imaging system to Parliament

CALCiViS presents imaging system to Parliament

July 12th 2017.

CALCiViS imaging system developer and Chief Technical Officer, Bruce Vernon, presents the CALCiViS imaging system to an All Parliamentary Group for Dental innovation as part of the British Dental Industry Associations  “innovation in Dentistry” group.

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The session, jointly organised by the British Dental Industry Association and British Dental Association, and held at Portculis House, Westminster, London, was attended by Members of Parliament along with the Chief Dental Officer who learned how the CALCiViS imaging system is set to revolutionise preventive dentistry.

Bruce explained how an application of the unique CALCiViS photoprotein onto the tooth surface creates a luminescence which is captured by the CALCiViS imaging device.  The resulting image provides clinician and critically, patients with a “chair side” map of enamel demineralisation – something that is not currently possible.

This simple process, when undertaken early, engages and commits patients at the perfect time to allow decay to be easily reversed with basic oral care advice and painless topical remineralisation treatments such as fluoride varnish, high calcium toothpastes and or dental sealants.


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