CALCiViS launches new video

CALCiViS launches new video

What do jellyfish have in common with dental caries?

CALCiViS has released a brand new video to illustrate how its innovative technology works – access it at

This video demonstrates how bioluminescence (light-emission) seen in nature, including in marine life such as jellyfish, is now utilised in dentistry to help us visualise active demineralisation. CALCiViS is the first organisation to harness this natural phenomenon to improve dental care.

The first of many resources, this video shows where CALCiViS – a British company, leading the way in preventive dentistry – has drawn its inspiration from, and is an excellent starting point for finding out more about how the system works.

Also available is a new animations which highlights how the innovative CALCiViS imaging system works – access it at

CALCiViS will be producing additional video and online resources in the future, designed to help further educate practitioners and patients about the benefits of early detection of demineralisation.

With greater understanding, we could make caries a thing of the past – look to the future, see the light.

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