nigel-pitts-image“State of the art” on early detection, activity assessment and non-surgical treatment of enamel caries. The Dentistry show link to Nigel Pitts

It is accepted that early stage demineralised, non-cavitated enamel lesions can arrest, progress or be remineralised (“healed”) – This lecture will expand  this and discuss:

– Methods to assess demineralisation sites and caries activity.
– Latest imaging systems to assist identification of caries activity and assist chair side communication.
– Recommend patient actions to minimise risk factors.
– Latest (non-surgical) materials to aid lesion arrest and repair of enamel structure.

Learning outcomes:

– Be able to apply accepted risk assessment tools to practice.
– Understand the relevant methods/technologies to assist early identification.
– Be able to plan an appropriate preventive & tooth preserving care plan

.…….Do the above profitably!